Benny G’s 30 Minute Mix and Why?

Benny G’s 30 Minute Mix and Why?
30 June, 2021 - by Casa Mia Loves

Each of Casa Mia Cartel have done a special little mix thats personal to them, whether it’s a track, a label, a genre or just the way it makes them feel. So here is something thats all about Ben and why each track means to him.

Track 1 – Beautiful People by MAW feat. Barbara Tucker and India (Strictly Rhythm): my favourite track of all time! Those keys and organ at the beginning give me straight-up chills. Masters at Work have been very influential in my music style.

Track 2 – Show Me The Way by DJ Sneak (Henry Street – Polyester EP): I started out DJ’ing hardcore, jungle and main stream dance music. This was the track that set me on the path of US House and Garage after falling in love with those beats, strings and baseline. It truly showed me the way and I’ve never looked back…

Track 3 – It’s Yours by John Cutler feat. E-man (Chez): a very popular track that rarely left my record box. Well known enough to almost go mainstream, but just didn’t quite make it. The poetic verse sums up going clubbing beautifully with a sassy sax and a deep groove – what’s not to like?

Track 4 – Fall Down by Grant Nelson (Soulfuric Records): Like MAW, Mr Nelson has also been influential on my music style with his unmistakable organ stabs. This track in particular is crafted to perfection with a nice bouncy rhythm throughout that builds up to a beautiful, deep drop with strong male vocals from the late Michael Proctor. The steel drums towards the end are a real cherry on top – this one stood the test of time….

Track 5 – Hideaway, De’Lacey – Tuff Jam remix: we all know the track, but not everyone knows this happy-go-lucky garage mix by Tuff Jam. I managed to pick this up on an Easy street/Slip N Slide double pack, way before it went mainstream. There was a big lul in production due to signings between labels, so I was only one of few playing it out in clubs. I was offered £50 on the spot during one night for my copy as they were so hard to come by. Once it went mainstream, the Tuff Jam mix came into its own by keeping an overplayed hit fresh.

Track 6: Backfired by MAW feat. India (Joey Negro Club Mix): An absolute monster that would instantly fill the emptiest of dance floors. It’s driving, uplifting and has vocals that are just out of this world. Great remix from Dave Lee – another key influencer in my music choices.

We hope you enjoyed the read, please have a read of each of the other DJ’s blogs on their mixes and the why? Sharing is caring so please do and give us a follow we will be posting alot of shizzle.

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