The labels we love

The labels we love
14 June, 2021 - by Casa Mia Loves

First in the series of Casa Mia Loves we look at the labels us Casa Mians love! At first what appears to be a simple request turns into a chain reaction of deep thought and contemplation. Choosing your top three record labels to a vinyl-head is akin to offspring favourite selection.

From Martin we have: Tropical Disco Records, Glitterbox, Z Records

Choosing your favourite record label can actually be based on many factors, not just the label that has born the most fruit in terms of quantity. It can be a label that was in heavy rotation at a key time of your life, for example Nice N Ripe holds a special place in my heart and takes me back to a time of being paid well to DJ and some great memories of a particular record shop in Stevenage Old Town in the early 90s.

Jay chose: Permanent Vacation, Espacio Cielo, Spa In Disco

You might even select a label based on your favourite track backed up with solid releases. A few fall into this category like Positiva and AM:PM for example. Another way is selecting based on genre. Glitterbox, the offshoot from Simon Dunmore from Defected could fall into this camp (yes I used the work camp on purpose). Synonymous with happy-clappy, uplifting disco house. Then there are the likes of Defected and Subliminal. Maybe you want to go back further into dance music and look at Suburban Base Records from Romford that was more of a movement in the later 80s, early 90s and released some belters as we all know.

Darren selected: Classic Music Company, Entrepôt Records, Dungeon Meat

Don’t even get me started on the wonderful world of what I consider the golden age of Hip Hop with labels such as Profile, Wild Pitch, Def Jam and the like.

Whilst Benny went with: King Street, Nervous Records, Kult Records

As with everything today the choice is exhaustive for record labels. My personal issue with “record labels” today is the meat-market mentality of pile em high, sell em cheap. Labels that don’t have ‘a sound’ just a long long list of under-produced tracks that will clog up your digital hard drives, never to be played again. One exception to this rule (and thankfully there are many) is Shall Not Fade. A quite brilliant label that has very high standards and has a certain sound it stay true to. One to check for deep meaningful house music.

And little old me (Matt) settled on: Razor N Tape Reserve, Heist Recordings, Shall Not Fade



And a side note (rant) surely a record label should only refer to itself as a record label if it releases….”records”.

Rant over, now it’s time to choose your top 3 record labels…..see, its not that easy is it!

Get in the comments guys and let’s start reminiscing and sharing the love!

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