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20 July, 2021 - by Features

One of the most important things to get right when DJing, is track selection. Unfortunately it’s not one you can just go and learn online. Yes there may mixed in key programs to give you some hints of what to choose, but this is mixing by numbers surely?

The journey through your tracks is a story you are telling, it needs a start, a middle, and an ending with a possible encore! When you get it right nothing feels better, and that you have taken people on that emotional journey with you. That’s creating memories for you and others…

To get the tracks right to start with you need to spot them, and its’ not just listening to them, its listening to them the right way, analyze them, when will they work, what tracks would it accompany well, try and visualize where and when you would play it.
Listen to them in your headphones and shut your eyes, where do you see this track playing, or do you see it in a sequence with some other tracks in a mini journey or section of an overall story.

Keep the energy going through the mix, you want to keep the interest, so use transitional tracks to bridge and piece together the sections of your story.

Often I buy a batch of new records and think right that’s it I’m going to play all these together, but almost always I will play just a couple as my musical journey takes an unexpected and random turn, but then isn’t that part of the pleasure of this whole musical shenanigans!

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